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We are a specialist building and construction law firm based in Brisbane, AU. We deal with Building Disputes, Building Contracts, and Security of Payment.

About Construction Lawyer Brisbane

Construction Lawyer Melbourne is a website managed by Contracts Specialist Solicitors and Attorneys.

We are Australian building and construction lawyers committed to guiding builders, contractors, and homeowners with resolving their legal problems.  We make sure that their projects will become successful even after encountering these issues.

About Contracts Specialist
and John Dela Cruz

John Dela Cruz has over 10 years of experience in practising construction law. He helps homeowners, builders, and contractors every day with their legal situations.

As a building and construction lawyer, He played different roles in the construction industry. He has been both Government solicitor and corporate legal counsel for a Dow 30 construction company.

He also assumed leadership positions. He served as Division President and Councillor of Master Builders Association NSW. And aside from being the principal lawyer of Contracts Specialist, he is also the CEO of Small Builders Building Software.

He’ll make you understand your legal rights in your situation.  Call now for a free first consult.


John’s expertise in construction law include:

  • Contract Management
  • Debt Recovery
  • Drafting building contracts compliant with Queensland laws
  • QBCC, QCAT and Court proceedings
  • Subcontractor Payment Rights

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Call us on 07 3145 0468

Know where you stand legally at no cost. Your first phone consultation is free. You just need to tell us more about your situation and we’ll see how I can help.

Step 2:
Review of Documents

Send me your contracts and other documents relevant to the project so we can look over it. Let’s work together in assessing the situation better.

Step 3:

We’ll be disclosing you our fees for specific legal services. We’ll also ask you to sign an agreement with us too.

Step 4:
Expert Legal Advice

Together we can explore your legal options and guide with the needed legal processes. We’ll strive to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Move forward with our Construction Lawyer in Brisbane

We’ll help you fully understand your legal situation. Our Brisbane construction lawyers will ensure that you’re in good hands.

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