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We can review, draft, and negotiate building contracts. And in case of contract disputes, we can also help you enforce your legal rights and terminate your contract.

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Construction Contracts guide you towards the success of your Brisbane building projects

Your Building contract serves as your basis how should you do construction work. This document is proof that both the contractor and owner agree to the specifics of the building project. If the contract completely details the scope of work, risks and other project duties, success will happen.

Construction is a big investment. It even plays a major role in Queensland’s economy. Thus, well-crafted construction contracts are a must to protect the rights of the people who highly depend on the construction industry. This includes construction service providers, homeowners and other clients.

Our building contract lawyer can help clients with reviewing and drafting domestic and commercial contracts. They’ll make sure that your contract is law-compliant, in your best interest, and can prevent future legal issues.

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What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract is a legal document agreed between all parties involved in the building project.

It comprises the job descriptions of the contracting parties – the scope of work, duties, and responsibilities – their legal rights, the dangers and risks that can be encountered along the construction phase, and in some contracts, variations, project bank accounts, and insurance.

A Building contract must always:

Get legal advice to make sure you’re signing the right contract. The construction contract you will need varies depending on your building situation.

Types of Construction Contracts We Can Help You With

New Home Building Contract

A home building contract is an agreement containing all the work that should be performed for the construction of a new residential building. Our construction lawyers can help you understand your building contract better, guide you throughout the construction process and draft favourable conditions. They’ll let you know what should be happening at each building stage.

Commercial Contracts and Subcontract Agreements

It's a must to indicate if subcontractors are involved when making commercial contracts. These projects are bigger in value, so you have to hire skillful contractors and subcontractors. You’ll also need to have a subcontract agreement to see if they’re trusted. A Subcontractor Agreement is a document between a builder/contractor and subcontractor that outlines their part with the construction project and how much they’ll be paid for it. As specialist building and construction lawyers, they can give you advice on commercial contracts including subcontract agreements. They can also help you legally terminate your contract. We’ll ensure that they’ll have your best interest in mind.

Renovation, Extension and Repair Contract

These are contracts especially made for home renovation and extension. Our building contract lawyers can help you draft contracts for level 1 and level 2 renovations. They’ll make sure that you can do minor fixes or a major overhaul of the house stress-free. If you encounter any issues during the construction phase, our construction law firm can communicate with the other parties on your behalf and ensure that a fair solution will be reached as quickly as possible.

Natural Disaster Repairs Contract

If a storm or flood has wrecked your home, there’s a contract that can help you bounce back. You may use a natural disaster repairs contract to fix it. Our construction lawyer can help you reclaim insurance money and even draft the contract and other legal documents you’ll need. With their legal advice, you can easily recover from the damage caused by natural disasters.

Small Building Projects Contract

Even though it's a two-page document, we’ll still be happy to help you in creating the small building projects contact. This applies to construction projects worth $3,300 or less. If it exceeds that amount, then we’ll help you in drafting a more suitable contract for your project. Whether it's a big or small job, writing things down in the contract will prevent future problems. It serves as a basis for your legal rights in the project after all.

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Why are construction contracts important?

  • To make sure that the homeowner’s terms and conditions are in detail
  • To make sure that all parties involved are working towards the same goal
  • To protect the legal rights of homeowners, builders, and contractors
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Domestic Building Contract Review

Our building contract lawyer can review, draft, negotiate and enforce construction contracts for various parties involved in construction. This includes homeowners, builders, contractors, developers, and suppliers.

Before signing any construction contract, make sure that you agree to the terms and obligations indicated. Keep yourself aware of common causes of building disputes such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Neglect
  • Quality of the work done
  • Delays in construction work
  • Inconsistencies with contractor’s statements
  • Builders denying your warranty and insurance rights

One overlooked term can become your downfall. Unclear contract clauses can cause legal issues and building disputes. So, seek legal help when reviewing the contract before signing it.

Our building and construction lawyer can go over the whole document, summarise key points, and advice in writing a contract that’s in your best interest. You’re sure about what you’re getting into.

Seek Help from our Building Contract Lawyers

Our building lawyer in Brisbane only works on construction law matters. We have over 10 years of experience and have worked on reviewing and drafting various contracts. Count on us on for expert legal advice.

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