Construction Lawyer Brisbane

Brisbane Construction Lawyer

I’m John Dela Cruz, Principal Lawyer of Construction Lawyer Brisbane. We are a small firm, which means you work directly with me. With 10 years experience in construction law, we provide expert legal service within an efficient timeframe. You can be assured that you are in capable hands.
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My Edge

Hiring a construction lawyer is not an easy decision to make. You need someone with local insight who understands what you’re going through and has helped countless businesses like yours get their dream home built on time, under budget—and most importantly – without any headaches or stress. I grew up in Australia, so am uniquely qualified for this job because of my intimate knowledge about how things work here locally.

Through my experience in construction, I have learned that there are many common issues which can arise during the course of a project. These include defective or incomplete work from contractors as well late payments by clients and disputes over scope of work.

Over the years, I developed Small Builders software; and with over 2000 users on Small Builders, I have developed an administration system that helps users understand construction work practices. Through its use in everyday situations like understanding client payments or disputes with contractors over scope of projects, this program gives insight into what can go wrong during the course for one specific job.

Trust. Transparency. Quality. Efficiency.
These are the things I value.

When it comes to building disputes, I will guide you through every step. I’m transparent about fees and I work towards an ideal timeframe for the resolution of your dispute in a dedicated manner – efficiently.

I’m excited about helping everyone find resolution for their issue quickly, without feeling like they’re getting taken advantage of, or left hanging out there by themselves without any help whatsoever.

How I Work

I am a building and construction lawyer with extensive experience in the field. With over 10 years’ experience as a lawyer, you can be assured your situation will receive careful consideration and representation from me. I won’t palm you off to a junior. Instead, I will personally work with you throughout the building dispute process and actively strive for ideal timeframes that are practical in every way possible.

Your dispute is my business, and I take pride in putting your interests first. That’s why you will always feel like a priority when working with me throughout the entire process of any building-related issue that arises.

I know you’re busy running your business and caring for family. So I won’t waste time on a call that doesn’t benefit us both, like most lawyers do. My interests will be aligned with yours – we’ll work towards the best possible outcome in helping make sure everything runs smoothly.

Expertise, Efficiency, Economy

We all know that construction is a complicated process. When you’re in the middle of it, there are so many factors to consider and nothing can be taken lightly. If your building contract has been breached by another party for any reason at all, or if you’re experiencing debt recovery/security of payment issues, then feel free to book your free first consult with me. I know it’s difficult when you’re in the middle of a building and construction dispute, but don’t worry. Your first consultation is free. The uncertainty can bring so much unnecessary stress that will cost you valuable time or money.

Construction Lawyer Brisbane will help you enforce and defend your legal rights – whether you are the homeowner, a builder, or subcontractor

John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz is the Principal Lawyer of Construction Lawyer Brisbane.
In 2011, John founded the firm, bringing with him extensive, invaluable experience from having held several industry management roles.

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Brisbane Construction Lawyer
Brisbane Construction Lawyer