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Frequently Asked Questions About Engaging Building and Construction Lawyers

We’ve put together a list of the most popular questions our clients have about building and construction lawyers. Why don’t you read through them now? You’ll know why they need us, what we can help with – it’s all in here.
Table of Contents

What we do

We help homeowners, builders, subcontractors deal with the legal aspect of building and construction matters. Whether it’s something as small-scale as drafting an agreement, or something more complex as representing them in court proceedings – we’ll do what needs doing.

Here are a few common questions we’ve been asked. lawyer has the needed expertise to address legal matters such as:

Do I really need a building and construction lawyer?

It depends. While in most instances, you can do it on your own, that comes with the risk of incurring extra cost, more mistakes, and more time spent correcting those mistakes. On the other hand, you can save time and money by investing in professional services that are best delivered by a building and construction lawyer.

A specialist construction lawyer has the needed expertise to address legal matters such as:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating construction contracts
  • Residential and commercial building disputes
  • Security of Payment and debt recovery
  • Payment disputes
  • Variations
  • Defects
  • Delays in construction
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Construction liens and claims
  • Contract termination
  • Court litigation
A specialist building and construction lawyer can also assist their clients in negotiations, adjudication, arbitration, QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) proceedings, and also represent them in court.

What does a construction lawyer do?

A construction lawyer is well-versed in the Security of Payment process, debt recovery, and payment disputes between homeowners and builders. They can help with all the necessary paperwork, and can adequately assist and represent you in adjudication proceedings and in court. Their expertise on the field allows them t effectively vindicate and defend your payment rights.
A construction lawyer can help you through every stage of the construction life cycle – from contract drafting, contract review and advice, building disputes including defects rectification, variations, delay, to payment and debt recovery.
A construction lawyer has the necessary expertise and skill set to assist clients in dispute resolution proceedings, adjudication at the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission), and represent their clients in the courts and in tribunals like the QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

What should I look for in a good construction lawyer?

1. You would want a lawyer who understands that time, money, and build quality are your biggest priorities.

2. You would also want a construction lawyer who will work with you directly, prioritise your matter, and not assign you to an associate.

3. You want a lawyer with extensive practical experience in key areas of construction law, who you can trust to deliver optimum results within an efficient timeframe.

What can a construction lawyer help me with?

A construction lawyer can help you in all stages of the construction life cycle. Specifically, if:
  • You need to review a residential construction contract, or you need advice prior to signing
  • You are a homeowner and the builder is overcharging you
  • You are building a home and your builder is taking too long to complete the project
  • You are a builder and your client is refusing to pay you for completed work
  • You have to file a claim, or a claim has been filed against you
  • You are a subcontractor and your head contractor is refusing to pay your claims

What should my primary deciding factor be on whether to engage a construction lawyer or not?

If you want to minimise your risks to time, cost, and quality, engaging a specialist construction lawyer is your best bet.

Why should I choose Construction Lawyer Brisbane?

We work fast, we make sure your matter is resolved within an efficient timeframe, and we have the experience and the skill set to get you favorable results.
John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz is the Principal Lawyer of Construction Lawyer Brisbane.
In 2011, John founded the firm, bringing with him extensive, invaluable experience from having held several industry management roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Engaging Building and Construction Lawyers
Frequently Asked Questions About Engaging Building and Construction Lawyers