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We can advice you on all aspects of strata including maintenance, remedial work, and defect work.

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A strata lawyer can efficiently prevent and manage
legal issues that may arise in strata schemes

There are different laws that apply to strata complexes as compared to freestanding homes. Strata schemes can be quite complicated. Multiple owners- different types of people with varying personalities- need to co-exist in a shared space, so rules and regulations, by-laws must be followed and implemented to ensure that the strata complex will run smoothly.

Incidentally, issues and disputes naturally arise. That’s why there are construction lawyers who specialise in strata law who can assist in preventing and dealing with legal issues.

Construction Lawyer Brisbane are strata specialist lawyers who can advise and represent clients who are owners of strata title lots, strata corporations, Executive Committees, and strata managers on all facets of strata. This includes advising on construction contracts and levy payments.

Why would clients need a strata lawyer?

A strata lawyer specializes in strata law. Construction disputes can be complex and require expert advice. So a strata lawyer can give clients confidence by providing the right legal advice and making sure to enforce and defend their rights.

Important legislation that applies to strata schemes

The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 is the law that regulates the management and
establishment of community title schemes such as strata

 In addition to this law, there are 5 different body corporate and community management regulations passed in 2008 designed for different community title schemes:

Specified Two-lot schemes Module – regulations for community title schemes with only 2 lots. 

Small Schemes Module – regulations for community title schemes with only six lots or less. 
Accommodation Module – regulations for lots rented out by its owners. 
Commercial Module – regulations for commercial lots. 
Standard Module – regulations for residential lots.

Issues Strata Specialist Lawyers can help you with

The strata solicitors of Contracts specialist can advice clients on all aspects of strata including maintenance, remedial work, and defect work, from contracts preparation to enforcing legal rights against builders and tradesmen.

Many Owners Corporations have trouble with recovering levies from strata title lot owners. Strata schemes can be short on funds to pay for essential expenses such as insurance, repair, and maintenance. However, this is not a matter that should burden executive committees, as they are entitled to commence Court proceedings to recover outstanding levies.

Based on the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW),the Owners Corporation is entitled to recover any unpaid contributions in accordance with the terms of the Act along with interest and the reasonable costs of enforcement.

In the first few years after registration of a strata plan and a developer selling the lots in the strata plan to the public, the Owners Corporation usually experiences issues with defects in the building such as water ingress, cracks, peeling, settlement, and so on.

Based on the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW),the Owners Corporation can commence proceedings to enforce the statutory warranties to recover the costs of rectifying such defective work.

What Contracts Specialist can do for you

Our strata solicitors are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of strata law.
Our building and construction law firm will:

  • Give you the right legal advice for your strata issue
  • Help enforce your rights through adjudication, court, tribunal
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Prepare legal documentation
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